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EVANS RICHARDSON IV finds EVANS RICHARDSON IV worked as a ARTS PROGRAM SPECIALIST and had a reported pay of $417 (ALL PAY=Regular+OT) in fiscal year (2015)

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★☆☆☆☆ EVANS RICHARDSON IV $417 (ALL PAY=Regular+OT) (2015)

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EVANS RICHARDSON IV $417 (ALL PAY=Regular+OT) (2015) The pay is very low.
The Regular Gross Paid is $417.
The First Name is EVANS.

Source of information is NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services see NYC City Document Source
Any corrections should be directed to NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

The Last Name is RICHARDSON IV.
The Fiscal Year is 2015.
The Agency Name is CULTURAL AFFAIRS.

Search on agency_name = CULTURAL AFFAIRS

The Agency Start Date is 2008-12-01T00:00:00.000.
The Work Location Borough is MANHATTAN.
The Title Description is ARTS PROGRAM SPECIALIST.

Search on title_description = ARTS PROGRAM SPECIALIST

The Base Salary is $49,518.
The Basis is per Annum.
The Regular Hours is 0.
The OT Hours is 0.
The Total OT Paid is $0.
The Total Other Pay is $0.

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